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I included a few more images I found that aren't true environmental portraits but it should give you inspiration of what can be done. Some are outtakes so they were not processed or minimally so.


So, the first 5 people are true environmental portraits. A baker with the bread he baked in his kitchen at his shop, an executive that works at Lego, an architect at his desk (not the greatest shot), a politician in his office, and a university administrator with a school building in the background.

The pastry chef was for a high key image exercise but since he really was a chef, I included it. It is a little cheesy. The one next to him, I included as it could be an environmental portrait, though, you'd want your subject to be larger. This was for an Arnold Newman study. But she could have been, say, the architect of that building. (She's not.) The next few ones...him with the car could have been an environmental portrait, out in the wood with his car instead of the garage.The others was me photographing him against a red wall, basically a red room-headshot, full length, and I had some 3/4 and maybe waist height. The final images is what my color checker passport by X-rite looks like. It's a white card and then the color checker.

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