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A wooden walkway over grassy sand dunes with the morning sun shining overhead.

The morning is clear. There is a newness to the day. Although I am eager to see the ocean, I stop and admire the view laid out before me. The sun lightly shines on my upturned face as I feel the salty breeze lazily blowing by. This bridge, this walkway, this path can symbolize so much. A path leading to better days, to a loved one on the other side, the expanse of the world waiting for me to explore, or home. As I stand and take in the sound of the ocean crashing beyond, I am mesmorized with the grass gently blowing in that breeze. An undulation of color and feathery texture. My senses are singing. As I tuck away this resoundant memory, I continue on as I embrace the moment.

Print options include the following:

Size: 30" x 40"/76.2 cm x 101.6 cm

Medium: Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap or Lumachrome®

The image is printed on fine art canvas

LumaChrome® is an acrylic medium. The image is first printed on xxxx photographic paper and then sandwiched between two crystal clear acrylic glass pieces. The back is attached to dibond.

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