A Day In The Life... - Christina Siu Photography

Hello! Welcome to "A Day In The Life Of..." page. This page is the transit point to my personal projects. These projects will be on-going so more images will be uploaded as they are finished or occur. Please feel free to come back every so often to see newly posted adventures.

Bunny Shenanigans show a glimpse into the lives (and shenanigans *cough* adventures) of Blu and Whatchamacallit with occasional appearances of Samba and No Name.

Fungi are mostly mushrooms I encounter in the forest or supermarket.

When Good Food Goes Bad is a project that came about from food that didn't cook correctly or other weird phenomena that happens to food in certain conditions.

Man vs. Nature depicts instances of anthropogenic environmental issues, sometimes man wins, sometimes nature presides.

365 Creativity Project gives me space and time to explore the creative side of photography through techniques, color, and vision.

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