Artist Statement - Christina Siu Photography

A recurring subconscious mantra in my life has to do with Robert Frost’s idea of traveling down that less traveled road. Compared to my family and some of my friends, I seem to follow the beat of a different drum. I also seem to, it almost seems like with purpose but is quite coincidental, to seek out the hardest way to do something, creating obstacles for myself.

I grew up being independent and I seem to have kept that theme in my career choices and with things I like to do. Once upon a time, I was an environmental scientist (and chemist to be exact...and researcher) so I am used to the concept of a mad-scientist-working-in-a-lab-by-herself thing. Alongside that, I find I prefer the commercial aspect of commercial photography where I can work by myself, whether in the studio or in nature. Traveling alone and immersing myself in the environment and culture brings me great pleasure.

In landscapes, that one lonely tree that sticks out in a scene seems to find me and beckons me to photograph it. I like to document things as they are, showing the truth of what is and what was, yet another extension of myself. I like having graphic composition in my photos. My pictures are quiet scenes, reflecting a quiet personality. Sometimes there is drama as there is in life. All these concepts in my life do not necessarily show up in much of my work, but a few do manage to come out.

Lately, I find myself looking for another reality within my images, a reality I see in my mind's eye. I think in my evolution as an artist, I may start experimenting in mixing media, but at the moment, I still have so much to explore just in the photographic medium. 

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